Partners & Projects

While it's still early days we are both already on the look out for, and in discussion with, some pretty great people who want to do pretty cool things. 

From brand collabs, to new products, to new stories, to new friends...

If you have an idea you like that involves us, the worst you could do is not share it with us. 

Ideas Like What?

  • Brand collabs on existing gear
  • Brand collabs on new initiatives altogether 
  • Stories, documenting, and media projects 
  • And whatever you have in mind 
  • ALSO...

The Home Street Series

A collaboration for big dreamers who love their locale. 

As you may have noticed, our watches, though inspired by classic styles and timepiece types, are named for streets we love in places we adore, and as such are specially designed to also reflect these sites and their stories.

We do this with the knowledge that no matter what type of watch we wear, whether dress, diver or field, we usually wear them while walking our own roads wherever we may call home and however we live.

Do you feel your road, street, city or home is deserving of its own special timepiece? Let us know. We can work with you to create a limited batch of custom Locke & King pieces that speak stories of the road you walk while also contributing back to that road's community. 

  • Turnaround: 6 - 12 months 
  • Cost: Not small but negotiable