The Company


Founded in 2020, Locke & King hails from Hamilton, ON - the industrial capital of Canada.


So we know what it means to work with our hands.

Locke & King gives its pieces the same sense of hardscrabble craftsmanship and perseverance that defines our city.

More than that, from our signature line of timepieces to our stationery products and accessories, Locke & King designs and builds all our pieces to both stand the tests of a Canadian minute, and to let you Make Your Own Time.

What is a Canadian minute? It's Northern Time.

In Canada, we know just how quickly things can change. In a Canadian minute, summer becomes winter, asphalt becomes mud, rivers become rapids and grassy fields become rocky mountains. As a result, Canadians know not only how to make the most of their time, but to own it.

That's Northern Time.

Making Your Own Time

That we were founded in 2020 means more to us than just the year we got started.

To us it's the recognition that it was a year in which so much changed for so many.

2020 was a year that changed life as we knew it, from what we did for a living to how we lived overall. It was also a year that we lost things, but it was also a year that we gained a better sense of what we value in our lives.

True to it's number, 2020 gave us 20/20 vision on what is important to us and and how we make the most of what we do with the minutes we have.

It was a year we decided to Make Our Own Time and pour our passion into pieces that help you do the same, while contributing to organizations that do it for others.

Onward & Upward

Hence, the motto on our brand seal.

Our gear is not just regular attire, they are tools for you to make the most of your days.

When you wear one of our timepieces, and that specially pressed case-back rests on your wrist, know that it is always reminding you which direction to take, the only way in life you need to go...

Onward & Upward.


- Ryan Moran, Founder