The Homestretch

**Prototypes are in, and are spectacular, check out our Prototype Sale, now on until October**
Once when asked what was the happiest day of his life, CEO of Google, Eric Schmidt, replied "tomorrow."
Now, notwithstanding the fact that you should also probably seek to find contentment in the here and now, the idea of looking to tomorrow does recognize the iterative essence of life itself.
Things are moving, changing, building, developing, always. 
And here we are at Locke & King, at last in the homestretch of the arrival of our first watch, The James. From designing, to engineering, to launching the website, to the presale, and now to receiving the approved prototypes and opening the prototype sale, it has been a journey.
As said, the prototypes are here and they look spectacular. From the moment of putting pencil to paper to now holding the final piece in the palm of your hand, it looks exactly as was envisioned and we can't be more excited. We can't wait for you to experience it either, from the cool steel and the subtle weight, to the etched words of "Onward & Upward" on the case back, this is truly an everyday hero that is made for wearing.
But this journey remains far from done.
Much to Mr. Schmidt's point, it's tomorrow that counts, and we at Locke & King have so many tomorrows to look forward to, from the full arrival of the James, to getting them out to the over 100 supporters to date, to the announcement later this fall of our next model.
Stay tuned for tomorrow!