Presenting our first watch...

...In one week.

Yes, a little tease, sorry, but we've officially decided to unveil our first, debut watch in one week.

We have had an exciting few weeks to date, from launching our site and online store, to making weekly deliveries and shipments of our accessory and stationary gear to our awesome first customers (thank you!), and inching ever closer to our "main event" pieces, our watches.

On that, the past few weeks have ALSO seen us approve engineering drawings of our first line, start production, and even finalize the design of our watch boxes.

We're still looking at the official launch of our first line later this summer, but we've decided it's both time to show and tell you all about it, as well as to open up an exclusive presale offer with a gift on top.

So mark your calendars... Next Monday, we're kicking off summer by revealing our first watch!

 Until then, have a great week!