All in Good Time

I’ve got a secret for you, and it may be an odd thing for a watch company to admit, but time isn’t real.

It’s in our heads, our pockets, and incidentally, on our wrists. But it isn’t real, it’s just an imaginary construct to help us measure the thing that is real, life. Time isn’t slipping away, nor is it marching on, it is just living, it’s building, it’s creating, it’s evolving, it just is.

Having always liked watches and talking style, I can’t remember the exact time that I decided to start Locke & King. I do remember, however, when the idea nestled itself in my head while reading an article about watches on a cross-continental flight to San Francisco, I do remember when I started researching and preparing more in earnest in the following years, and I do remember concretely and resolutely moving forward – “onward & upward” – with it after losing my job in 2020 due to the pandemic.

The point is that like life itself, Locke & King has been been iterative. And like what time does for life, every step, every tick makes it that much more real. As Locke & King emerges, grows, and develops in ways that maybe even I don’t see coming, it becomes simply what it will be. Like time, like life, starting a business, and in this case starting Locke & King, is a process.

Which brings us to the website launch, another step in this life-journey of making Locke & King more real. Of course, one of the biggest questions may be “Hey. What the hell? Where are the watches?”

Easy. Still in prototyping, as we want to make sure that they uphold the standards and story that we represent, and believe it or not, this is all a part of the plan. We are approving engineering specs this week for the first line of watches, but wanted to launch the site now, with our emerging selection of stationery, our docker caps, and our Sunseekers, because it’s time to start telling our story more fully.

Explore the site, check out our gear, and as it is a soft launch, if you see any bugs, feel free to let us know.

And what to expect from here on out?

  • Early June: Announcement, renderings, and presale of our first watch “Mark I”
  • Mid- June: Snapback and second sunglasses design “Sightseers” coming in hot
  • July: “Mark 1” Prototype pop-ups and presales
  • August: Announcement, renderings, presale of our second watch, “Mark II”
  • September: Official Launch of Locke & King, “Mark 1” arrives, prototype pop-ups of “Mark II”

In other words, exciting times ahead.

Onward & Upward and Make Your Own Time.


Big thanks once more to Shaun O'Melia Design for the incredible brand work, and to Shopify, and DMS ShopHere's Rachel and Vanessa for being great supports on bringing this site together.